About Hrauney

Hrauney incense burner
is created from natural Icelandic lava, which is an integral part of the Icelandic landscape and constant volcanic activity. The smoke from the incense passing through the cube imitates the cooling down freshly formed lava just after reaching the surface of the earth. From now on you can have your own piece of Iceland in your home.
Premium Quality
The new technology of the lava cube allows the incense to last longer than before and enjoy the sight of a relaxing smoke and refreshing fragrance straight from Icelandic nature. 
Hrauney incense burner was founded in January 2021 by 6 girls at Verzlunarskóli Íslands - Anna, Laufey, María, Sara, Sif and Tinna. The company was originally part of the school's entrepreneurial project. 
At the end of April 2022, the founders trusted the new owners by selling the company and set out to develop their wings in other passions.
Hrauney underwent rebranding in new hands and in May 2022 was reborn again with new energy and full of ideas.
Reborn from lava.