Important information

Pricing and shipping cost
All prices on our site include 24% tax, however, the shipping cost will be added on before the payment is made. We ship all our products via Íslandspóstur all the way to your doorstep.
All orders are processed in 3-5 business days (does not apply to pre-orders!)  after the order has been placed. If the product is not in stock, the customer will be notified about the estimated delivery time. All international orders are shipped by the Icelandic post office, Íslandspóstur. Regarding those orders Íslandspóstur´s terms and conditions apply. According to those conditions, Hrauney is not responsible for lost packages or damages that may occur during transit. If the product gets lost or damaged after it has been shipped from Hrauney the buyer is responsible for the damages. The shipping can take 1-5 weeks, depends on the destination and Covid conditions.
All orders are trackable through the Íslandspóstur´s website and the tracking number will be sent to every customer through email. The shipping cost depends on the destination and how much the Íslandspóstur charges for the shipping.


To exchange and return a product
A 14 day right to return is granted by purchasing our product as soon as the sale invoice is presented, that states in a satisfactory way when the purchase was made. The product has to be unused, in a perfect condition and in its original and undamaged packing. If a product is concealed you may not break the seal if you wish to return or exchange a product. At the return of a product, the amount is based on the original price, unless the product is on sale or special offers when the product is returned, if so, it is based on the price of the product on the day it was returned.


Flawed product
If the product is flawed, the customer will be offered a new product in exchange for the old damaged one and Hrauney will cover all shipping costs. We offer a refund if insisted.
Privacy policy
All personal information will be strictly confidential and will not be given or sold to a third party.
Governing law / Jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions are in accordance with Icelandic law.

Terms of use and safety information
Hrauney manufactures lava cube, stand for incense, not the incense itself. Incense cones are from the distributor in Iceland, Ilmvorur.
If you're asthmatic, suffer from respiratory difficulty or if you're pregnant consult your physician before using incense.
Always place your burner on a heat-resistant surface. Keep it away from flammable surroundings. Make sure the incense stands securely on a disc. Do not touch the disc right after use cause it might be very hot. Ash falling outside your incense burner could discolor furniture. Make sure all incense ash falls on a fireproof surface.
Incense cone is not edible! Take care that children and animals cannot reach the burning incense and be close to it without supervision. Burn incense in a ventilated area. And most important - enjoy! 🤍
Our retailers in Iceland:
Capital District:
Sky Lagoon, Vesturvör 44-48, Kópavogur
Epal, Laugavegur 7, Reykjavík
Lava Show, Fiskislóð 73, Reykjavík
Fly Over Iceland, Fiskislóð 43, Reykjavík
Reykjavík Art Museum, Tryggvagata 17, Reykjavík
The rest of the country:
Lava Show, Víkurbraut 5, Vík
Fjord. Skipagata 6, Akureyri
Epal, Airport Keflavík
Útgerðin Ólafsvík, Ólafsbraut 12, Ólafsvík  
Snorrastofa, 320 Reykholt